Key new buinsess wins for DMCM for 2017

While GloHealth is now part of Irish Life, the beginning of 2016 culminated in the execution of a nationwide creative door drop campaign, Say Aaaaaah! for GloHealth for it’s GloDoc product. In August 2016 the Irish Life Group assumed control of GloHealth, which now operates under the Irish Life Health brand name.

A mid-year highlight was a database project initiated from Dublin by Sodexo Ireland but executed for Sodexo in the UK.

The end of the year wrapped up nicely with DMCM winning some new business in the legal sector with Carlisle Solicitors, a new specialist debt recovery business recently launched Tracey Solicitors Group.  DMCM had conceived and developed a B2B lead generation campaign which will roll out in ongoing waves from January 2017.