Advice on New Eircodes

New Eircodes – top tips and how clients can benefit

If I could give one piece of advice to clients before the introduction of the new Eircode postcodes next year it would be ‘get ready early’.  While there’s still quite a bit of detail to be ironed out eircodes will create opportunities for clients who get organised now.

Data capture and facilitation

Eircodes will not only ensure pinpoint accuracy of targeting but will make it both quicker and easier to capture information in a standardised way across organisations for database building, enhancement, promotions and competitions.  For now clients should be checking their systems will accept, hold and validate an eircode against each address. 


Uniquely specific Eircodes facilitate location-based targeting which in turn makes it easier to plan campaign activity. Data can be grouped and organised more clearly, which in turn will make it easier to use overlay third party profiling data to target prospects and potential new customers.

Standardisation within organisations

Addresses data can often be held in different formats in different parts of organisations.  Having a standardised Eircode will facilitate the linking of records together and allow easier and more efficient matching, merging and deduping of data making it easier and more cost-effective to tidy up and clean data.

Note: if you’re using database software you will need to check with the database supplier how they intend to incorporate Eircodes in to their software package and when this will happen.

Speed of delivery

In Ireland, especially outside urban centres, many addresses still don’t have number references.  Eircodes will address this and in turn will speed up delivery not just of post but anything from a simple courier delivery to emergency services.


Finally, as companies get used to Eircodes, the whole process of capturing them and updating them will become systemised and ingrained within organisations as templates are adapted and staff get used to them.

For now everyone is on a steep learning curve, which will even itself out, over the next 12-18 months as companies adapt and become more familiar with how they’ll work in practice.

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