B2B ACQUISITION – Don’t listen

Three were looking to use highly creative and targeted direct mail to generate qualified B2B leads.

Direct Marketing:

The outer envelope had a Three brand gold finish with a tag line “Others claim to be better. But…” to grab the recipients attention. There was two elements within the piece; a personalised letter and a brochure. The creative theme behind the DM was that this was the best SIM Only offer in the market and that you shouldn’t listen to those that claimed otherwise.┬áIn order to track and measure the campaign to its full extent, we sent out the DM in weekly.

Landing Page:

The landing page was a crucial element to the campaign as it captured critical information such as renewal dates and current provider. The creative theme from the DM carried through to the design of the the landing page which made the transition between the DM and the landing page seamless. The incentive behind filling in your details for users was that they would be entered into a draw to win a pair of international football tickets.

Content Marketing:

After submitting their information each participant was greeted with a ‘thank you’ page and an automated email that contained Three ‘content’ that was highly relevant in terms of the offer and the users. The users that interacted with the content entered into lead nurturing proccess which allowed the Three content team to communicate with them on a regular basis.


We waited for inbound response (4-7 days) then followed up with a phone call to ensure no potential oppoirtunities slipped thorugh the net!


Digital and Direct marketing campaign for Three Ireland by DMCM.

Digital and Direct marketing campaign for Three Ireland by DMCM