B2C ACQUISITION – Keep this under wraps

Showcasing all that is possible with well-targeted direct mail, this campaign ticks all the boxes of best practice DM – and for SEAT Finance it was the perfect way to sell PCP finance on their SEAT range!

This highly creative marketing campaign immediately captured the imagination of the recipients, generated qualified responses and more importantly lead directly to sales that could be tracked back to this campaign based on unique tracking codes!

The creative execution left nothing to chance with every detail of the execution tying together the overarching ‘Keep This Under Wraps’ creative theme. This theme was devised to communicate that recipients had been hand picked for this offer (special gift), which was not available to the public (therefore ‘Keep This Under Wraps’). We even tied the theme back in to leverage the fact that the SEAT Ibiza was celebrating its 30th birthday!


Direct Marketing Example and case study.