DMCM continues to work across brands within VW

While DMCM has completed very recent campaigns for 2017 for Audi Finance, the launch of the new SEAT Ateca and to generate pre-sales for 2017 for the SEAT Leon and Ibiza, here’s a look back at three other successful creative campaigns completed for The Volkswagen Group in 2016.

The you’ll love what’s missing Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles campaign had a hole punched through the entire DM piece to communicate the 0% offer.

For SEAT Ireland DMCM executes a campaign titled this turns things up a gear which included a highly unusual infinity folding turning mail piece.

Finally, the creatively titled a bill we’d like you NOT to pay campaign for Volkswagen Bank captured recipients imagination from the outset with a mailing that looked, on the face of it, to be a tax and insurance disc but revealed itself as a creative way to communicate an unusually good offer from VW Bank.