AUTO – Fastforward

SEAT Ireland – There’s an easier way… FastForward!

SEAT Ireland wanted to initiate a campaign in which customers could avail of unique product benefits across their entire range – BUT ONLY IF THEY “Fastforwarded”  THE ORDER OF THEIR 2015 SEAT to before 19th December 2014! This approach came out of a key market challenge – January is the highest volume month for new car sales so we wanted to generate orders before January!

THE PROPOSITION WAS: Get past the pain of researching your new car now and get to the best bit straight away with SEAT. Don’t spend months researching as SEAT have the best offers for you here and now.

Get the benefit (save time) by Fastforwarding to 2015 now because if you wait (until January) the opportunity/offer will be gone.

The outer envelope visual had interesting tyre marks, brought to life with a UV varnish print finish to give a premium feel and giving stand out to the punchy copy highlighting the tiresome side of shopping for a new car …highlighting the negatives of the time and effort involved in having to research a new car!

The reverse of the outer hinted that it didn’t have to be this way with the line so to hook recipients in and draw them in to the piece this concept teased our benefit right up front:


Our tease suggested an easier way, introducing the “FastForward” to succinctly communicate the benefits of the offer. Digitally personalised in full colour on the dashboard of the media screen/radio of a new 151 SEAT urging recipients to “fastforward”.

The inside cover cleverly acted as a personal message from the recipients local dealer, removing the need for a letter. The result was a simple, direct and most cleverly personalised brochure.

SEAT Fastforward – Direct Mail Campaign.