B2B ACQUISITION – Build winning connections

Targeted B2B Direct Marketing Campaign.

‘Building Winning Connections’

IBEC and The Irish Software Association (ISA) were seeking to build their membership base through targeted, engaging and creative direct marketing.  They wanted to do it in a way that would clearly convey the benefits of joining (‘connecting’) with Ibec and the ISA in a memorable way.

600 potential members were identified that fitted the profile (based on analysis of the existing member base).

Each prospect was sent a mini Connect 4 game to demonstrate, in a unique way, the importance of making ‘winning connections’.  And how, by connecting (i.e. joining), winning combinations would take shape in their business.

Through IBEC/ISA membership they would be better connected to a united voice for the industry and be part of a network of with similar companies stretching across the digital software and technology sectors.

IBEC/ISA offers assistance to member companies in terms of connecting them to an unrivalled expertise to help companies with lobbying, funding, training, networking talent searching and scaling their businesses both in Ireland and around the world.

Watch the IBEC/ISA build winning connections video below: