Taste of Success

Getting a taste for the power of direct mail?

Your recipe for success

We sent you a well-targeted, highly-personalised campaign, to give you a taste for what’s possible and to show you just how powerful a marketing channel direct mail can be.

The campaign got your attention, kept you interested and we hope will generate a response! It should have more impact and be remembered for longer than any ad you’ve seen, or social media ad you scrolled past.

Success in getting yourself more jelly beans

If you like the look of this campaign then you probably like the taste and smell too! But we only sent you a small test tube of jelly beans, as a taster.

We’re now offering you the chance to win your very own bag of jelly beans.  All you need to do is correctly answer the question on the right and click submit (it should take <30 seconds).

Success in your own role for your brand

If you like this campaign and are thinking to yourself “maybe this is something I should be considering for us” then give us a shout. We’d love to have an initial chat about what might be possible.

To win identify the 3 of the 4 different flavours

Tick only 3 (get just two correct to win)