Identifying decision makers

With Direct Mail it’s Crucial to Identify the Key Decision-maker

In his interview with Business Plus Peter Whelehan reveals why direct mail is making a comeback, what are the essential elements of successful DM customer acquisition campaigns in the B2B arena, what impact Eircodes will have on DM and much more.

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Direct Marketing for technology companies

Why Facebook and Google turning to Direct Marketing for Results

Google and Facebook are obviously synonymous with the Internet. More and more they’re pushing their own platforms as channels for brands to promote their products and services. Peter Whelehan looks at why.

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local markting tips

Tips for Local Marketing Success

Peter Whelehan, Managing Director of DMCM, shares his insights into effective local marketing and gives his top tips for success.

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Creativity Book Review

Creativity Book Review

Direct marketing expert Peter Whelehan reviews a book on producing creative ideas which has been on the shelves for many years but which is still as relevant today.

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Creative not top priority

Creative Not Top Priority

Peter Whelehan on why creativity is down the list when embarking on a direct marketing push.

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Direct Marketing - An Approach not channel

Direct Marketing – An Approach Not a Channel

We all live in a digital world. But where does direct marketing now fit in and what impact does it have on more traditional direct response media, asks Peter Whelehan.

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Marketing is all about the Targeting

It’s the Targeting Stupid!

Peter Whelehan looks at why DM activity marketers need to focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of their targeted audience. Only then will the ideal direct marketing campaign channel become apparent.

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